What your coffee order can reveal about your personality

Last year Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula conducted a survey of 1,000 coffee drinkers.  Participants were given different scenarios and asked to choose from a series of responses. These were then studied according to different personality types.  Their coffee order was then noted.

Here’s what she revealed:

·      Black coffee drinkers liked to keep things simple, were patient and efficient, but could be quiet and moody and a bit set in their ways.

·      Latte drinkers (and those who add milk/cream and sugar) tended to be people-pleasers.  They were generous with their time, would go out of their way to help others but could get a bit over-extended and forget to take care of themselves.

·      Frozen/ blended coffee drinkers liked to try new things, were socially bold and often trendsetters.  They were spontaneous and imaginative but could be reckless and fall for quick fixes.

·      Decaf/ soy milk and speciality coffee drinkers could be obsessive and perfectionist.  They made healthier choices but also tended to be worriers and oversensitive. 

·      Instant coffee drinkers were laid back, traditional and took life as it came.  But they tended to also procrastinate and make poor planners

Like all these kinds of studies they only show an association, it’s quite possible to be a generous, spontaneous and imaginative black coffee drinker. 

p.s. I drink black coffee



Image credit: Marina