Why are we so Tired? 10 Top Tips for Better Sleep

I recently got rid of my digital bedside clock after discovering that the light it produces disrupts the production of melatonin - an essential component of a good nights sleep.  By the way, clock checking in the night is what’s referred to in the psychology world as bad ‘sleep hygiene’.  More about that later...

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5 Ways to Be More Socially Confident

Here are some things that you probably wouldn’t know about me if you met me.

  1. I get intimidated talking to people I believe are superior to me.
  2. I hate speaking in public.
  3. Before going to parties I worry about who I’m going to talk to.

In other words, I’m socially anxious. Like you. Like everybody I know.

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Commitment: 3 Steps To Going The Distance

This weekend I went to the wedding of my oldest and dearest friend. She used to say she would never get married. But there she was full of commitment and joy walking up the aisle. She had overcome her doubt, taken the risk and made a vow. It was inspiring to witness.

Many of us feel uncomfortable with commitment. We torment ourselves...

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