About Alice

Title: Psychologist

I run a busy psychology practice in Central London and lecture on the Doctoral Psychology program at City University, also in London.


MA Psychology, PostMADip Counselling Psychology


I have worked in the field on Psychology for 20 years, achieving my Post graduate qualification in 2007.  

The Cabin

As I grew up, I had a recurrent longing for a remote, wooden cabin.  This cabin was cosy, there was a fire, candle light, a blanket and most importantly a wise and kind person sitting by the fire.  And this person was going to talk with me and help me to navigate the difficult questions of life, without having any vested interest in the answers.  Difficult questions like…Who am I? What am I going to do with my life? What to do with my feelings? Is what I’m feeling normal? Why are relationships complicated? Am I ok?

I guess this longing was in part because of the absence of this person in my own life, at that time.  But I think, when strife hits we all long for this.  Perhaps it’s a longing as ancient as time. 

And so I became a psychologist, in part because of a long-standing interest in people, but also to be that person sitting in the cabin for anyone that needed a safe place to express themselves.  My office isn’t a cabin, perhaps one day it really will be, but it is a place of refuge, where the tough stuff can be talked about without judgment and where new pathways forward can be forged.


  • Therapy with Alice has been a very empowering experience and has vastly improved the quality of my life
    — therapy client
  • it's almost as if I've stopped treading water and learned how to float with minimum effort
    — therapy client
  • For the first time in 10 years i feel confident in my own ability to manage my emotions
    — therapy client
  • you had a brilliant way of helping me understand the things that puzzled me
    — therapy client
  • I can now give myself a break and not torture myself over negative emotions, I know where they come from and I know how to control them
    — Therapy client
  • through meeting with Alice I was able to gain perspective and rationalise my feelings
    — thearpy client
  • The blend of cognitive behavioural therapy with an existential approach worked really well for me, helping me make sense of my situation and giving me tools to help reshape my thoughts and behaviours
    — therapy client
  • Alice is very honest and straight talking, in a good way
    — therapy client
  • somehow she always managed to say the right thing that i needed to hear at exactly the right time. I felt very understood and she never made me feel like a crazy person - in fact the opposite!
    — therapy client
  • I think so often in life people don't know the true impact they have had on others, so I wanted you to know how grateful i am for the time i spent with you in therapy
    — therapy client