"Thank you Alice, you have had a huge impact on my life'

I would like to say that you have been kind and compassionate…you’ve shown me that the volume of those negative voices and self-criticisms can be turned down, and that more positive alternatives are possible and can be heard’

"Alice is a fantastic therapist and I left every session feeling 100 times better than when I walked in. She is incredibly patient, sensitive, empathetic, supportive and real. Somehow she always managed to say the right thing that I needed to hear at exactly the right time. I felt very understood, and she never made me feel like a crazy person – in fact the opposite!

... the blend of cognitive behavioural therapy with an existential approach worked really well for me – a well rounded, balanced approach that helped me make sense of my situation whilst giving me tools to help reshape my thoughts and behaviour. She introduced lots of proactive, easy to use tools / new ways of thinking that I could use to overcome my anxiety that I could practice every week, and we did a good job at recapping these at the end of the course of sessions"

"Therapy with Alice has helped me to see the bigger picture of my life and how everything is connected.  Also, to focus on what makes me happy and to stop making excuses or creating barriers.  It has also helped me to realise that I know and understand more than I ever let myself believe"

‘Most of the things I was concerned about were created by me. I made my own life more complicated; therapy with Alice made me realise it. Now I am simplifying it gradually. I also feel more comfortable with myself; I am not trying to be perfect.  Nothing is perfect anyways. I am ok with it now.'

"Thank you so much for all your support, guidance and general brilliance over the last few months.  It felt like a really scary time when I first came to you but you really understood me, what I needed and just totally got it. I know without a doubt that I wouldn't have started feeling better so quickly without you"

"I always felt happy and comfortable talking to Alice and always felt understood.  I also felt that everything I said was remembered and relayed back to me at some point which really helped"

"When I started seeing Alice I was struggling with the emotional difficulties of recovering from an eating disorder. Feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and not feeling capable of dealing with negative emotions I sometimes resorted to self harm and other unhealthy ways to cope, which had very negative effects on my personal life and the people around me. Alice helped me in a kind and understanding way to identify and deal with both my emotions and actions in a healthier way. Seeing Alice eventually left me in a position where I felt confident in my capability of healthily dealing with my difficult emotions on my own."

"I experimented a bit with therapy in the US, but I soon discovered that my experience with you was as rare as I had suspected. I've often thought of you, and your wisdom. I suppose I miss you and your talented way of listening--compassionately, and full of constructive interventions. You always seemed to notice repeated words and awkward logic as you carefully dislodged thoughts from their well-worn grooves -- why don't other people do that?